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Distributed Learning Technologies

May 26, 2016: BBLearn Maintenance

  • Updating to Java jdk 7 update 101 due to a security vulnerability.
  • Load Balancer VM name changes.
  • Firewall changes for all the production nodes(bbprd1 - bbprd7) to allow ssh access from ‘data-sds1’.
  • Quotas implementation on all courses for course (Limit: 2Gb) and protected(Limit: 5GB) content size.
  • Upgrade the following scripts to use Service Names and remove symlinks to modules and settings for other scripts:
    • b2-comparison
    • batch_archive (Already pulled - db_settings.txt needs updating)
    • batch-uploaders
    • bblearn-monitor/watchLUTO
    • crosslist
    • integration
    • remove-sso-users
    • selfserviceSIS
    • uid-change
    • upload-citations
  • Migrate the 'archived_logs' share to SSDs on the NetApp (ESYS)

Due to an unexpected loss of network connectivity, this maintenance window had to be extended until 8:30 AM.