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Distributed Learning Technologies

June 06, 2016: BB Learn Maintenance

Blackboard Collaborate B2 update

What's New In Version 4.8.1173191

Resolved Issues:

  • Collaborate B2 4.8 and 4.9: Ultra Course Room does not Appear if there are Inactive Users Enrolled in a Course.

Blackboard Mobile Web Services B2 update

What's New In Version 94.9.0

BB Student Resolved Issues:

  • Invalid XML characters result in courses not loading.
  • Unable to start a new assignment attempt after the instructor has ignored a previous attempt.
  • Slow loading of grades and submissions when many submission attempts exist.
  • URL manipulation vulnerability that results in potential modification of grades for mobile compatible tests.
  • IP restriction issue where mobile clients were not properly restricted.

Additional Resolved Issues:

  • No text is shown for answer options after adding a quote on mobile compatible tests.

Other Changes

  • Netapp VM migration
  • Fix for previously installed patch LRNSI-22692.bbp