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Distributed Learning Technologies

June 2017: Blackboard Outages

Since June 15th, Blackboard has been impacted by multiple slowdowns and outages, primarily during evening hours between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM.

Support staff are working to fix the underlying issue. In the meantime, users should be aware that continued outages are possible during those hours.

See the table below for a timeline of individual incidents.

Timeline of incidents
Est. ImpactStart DateStart TimeEnd TimeDurationNotes
ScheduledThu, Jun 1504:5106:381h 47mBlackboard offline for scheduled maintenance.
LowThu, Jun 1522:3322:363mSingle node marked offline (bbprd7).
HighThu, Jun 1523:0400:271h 23mMultiple outages across all nodes.
LowFri, Jun 1623:0723:103mSingle node marked offline (bbprd2).
ModerateSat, Jun 1718:2321:563h 33mThree nodes marked offline (bbprd1, bbprd2, bbprd3).1
HighSat, Jun 1722:2123:0241mBlackboard offline for emergency maintenance.
ModerateSat, Jun 1723:4023:499mMultiple outages across all nodes.
HighSun, Jun 1823:0200:171h 15mMultiple outages across all nodes.
HighMon. Jun 1923:0400:271h 23mMultiple outages across all nodes.
LowTue, Jun 2015:1215:5644mEmergency maintenance with rolling restart.2
LowTue, Jun 2020:5721:014mSingle node marked offline (bbprd7).
ModerateTue, Jun 2022:5923:034mTwo nodes marked offline (bbprd2, bbprd4).
LowWed, Jun 2115:0415:5349mEmergency maintenance with rolling restart.2
ModerateSat, Jul 123:0623:137mMultiple outages across all nodes.
LowSat, Jul 123:2424:284mSingle node marked offline (bbprd2).
LowMon, Jul 323:0723:158mThree nodes marked offline (bbprd3, bbprd4, bbprd5).
LowMon, Jul 323:2223:253mTwo nodes marked offline (bbprd3, bbprd4).
LowTue, Jul 423:0623:115mTwo nodes marked offline  (bbprd3, bbprd6).
NoneWed, Jul 510:3310:4613mEmergency maintenance (no downtime)
ModerateWed, Jul 523:0523:116mFour nodes marked offline (bbprd2, bbprd3, bbprd5, bbprd7).
ModerateWed, Jul 523:1223:175mFour nodes marked offline (bbprd2, bbprd4, bbprd6, bbprd7).
LowWed, Jul 523:1823:213mOne node marked offline (bbprd2).
LowWed, Jul 523:2423:273mTwo nodes (bbprd5, bbprd6) marked offline.

When individual nodes are offline, user traffic will automatically be routed to other available nodes. Single-node outages normally do not impact the entire system, but users on the node that goes offline may experience slowdowns or minor errors before their traffic is routed elsewhere.

As more nodes go offline, users are more likely to experience slowdowns and errors.

If all nodes are offline, Blackboard will become unusable.

Some outages on 6/17 were caused by an issue on the University's Netapp storage infrastructure, which affected several other services as well.

2 During a rolling restart, individual nodes are taken offline intentionally in order to perform maintenance without taking the entire cluster offline.