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Distributed Learning Technologies

May 4, 2017: Blackboard slowdown

Blackboard experienced a significant slowdown between 3:02 PM and 3:46 PM today, as follows:

Incident Timeline
3:02 PMOne node (bbprd7) begins experiencing high memory usage, manifesting as a ConcurrentModeFailure warning during garbage collection.
3:05 PMCMF warnings on bbprd7 begin triggering status alerts.
3:26 PMHigh process count on bbprd7 triggers a new status alert. Users may be experiencing significant slowdown around this time.
3:31 PMBbprd7 process count returns below alert level.
3:46 PMSystem admin takes bbprd7 out of traffic rotation. Node begins recovering.
4:08 PMSystem admin puts bbprd7 back into rotation.