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Distributed Learning Technologies

March 29, 2018 : System Updates

Kaltura B2 Update (5.1.66) 

Blackboard Learn self-hosted and managed-hosting (v5.1.66) -  Q4 2016 release, Q2 2017 release, and release Q4 2017.

New Features

  • Support for the new Blackboard Learn Q4 2017 
  • Pop Up & Responsive Player – The player pop up was removed from all Kaltura Mashup Tool embeds. In the standalone Mashup Tool (using ’Course Content > Build Content > Kaltura Media’) the player is also responsive, meaning it will change its size when the browser's dimensions change.

Since this change will only affect newly embedded content, we recommend re-embedding any content you want to move to an in-page player.

  • Grading ‘Points Possible’ – This version contains the ability to choose the “points possible” for the IVQ submission through the BB 'Assessment' workflow. When the IVQ is added to a course, you can choose a distribution of points other than 1-100. (2)
  • Support for Video Announcements – To use this feature you must turn on the Deep Link feature first (through the Building Block settings). This will allow users to send a BlackBoard email announcement with a Kaltura video in it. Clicking the video will send the users directly to the BlackBoard page where the video is located.

Issues Resolved

  • Videos embedded by Student roles are not visible. This issue is caused due to the HTML filter policy.
  • Administrator lose all permission to publish content, due to special course names.
  • Resolved the issues with content items from previous versions.

Default Policy SAFE HTML change for Kaltura 

Lynda B2 (1.1.1) 

Remove Eportfolio tab and institution role