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Distributed Learning Technologies

January 11, 2018: Blackboard Service Pack Q2 CU, Kaltura and Turnitin Updates

This maintenance window is scheduled for 12:30 AM to 8:00 AM on January 11, 2018. Faculty, students, and staff may be unable to access Blackboard during this window. Along with the CU updates the Kaltua B2, and Turnitin will be updated, and the NSSE Links B2 will be installed.

Cumulative Update 5 for Learn 9.1, Q2 2017 Resolved Issues: 

  • Instructor Unable to Access Inbox as NullPointerException Occurs
  • Incoming COLNC File Creates Weighted Column Instead of Manual Column
  • REST API User Update Swaps Between Primary Institution Role and Secondary Institution Roles
  • Chevrons Inaccessible in Last Column of Grade Center using 2016 Theme

Cumulative Update 4 for Learn 9.1, Q2 2017 Release Highlights:

  • Learn work that is applied within core Learn code and the Assignments B2 (completed, available in Q2 2017 CU4) 
  • Box / Crocodoc work that is applied within the external services owned by Box, Inc. (in progress, expected completion 11/5/17) 
  • Blackboard microservice work that serves as middleware between Learn instances and Crocodoc/New Box View (in progress, expected completion 11/5/17) 

Cumulative Update 4 Resolved Issues:

  • Embedded Media Controls Unresponsive in Test Questions
  • Users not Getting Emails While Subscribed to Discussion Board Forum
  • Embedded Media does not play when used as a Question in Assessments
  • LIS 2.0 Final SIS Framework Integration Allows Users to be Created with Blank Username
  • LTI resource_link_id not Unique for some Versions of Learn
  • Error Thrown on Announcement Tool if not Enrolled
  • 404 File Not Found Error When Creating a Graded Wiki Page
  • Merged Enrollments Created by a Flat File Integration Fail when a LIS Integration Attempts to Update Them
  • Accessing a Discussion Board Automatically Flips all Posts to "Read"
  • Artifact Page Layout Unstyled
  • Retention Center Marker on Risk Table not Aligned
  • Temp Files Received While Sending Email Attachments from the Grade Center
  • Access Log Entries are Incorrect and do not Match bb-access-log
  • Retention Center Error Occurred while Refreshing Rule Status Caused by: ORA-00001: unique constraint (BB_BB60.EWS_STATUS_INX4) violated
  • Answers are Missing when Copying more than one Likert Scale or Multiple Choice Question in Enterprise Survey 
  • Error when Copying a Course Containing Earned Achievements 
  • Error when Viewing Test Attempts in Grade Center
  • Unknown Sender in Messages and Performance Issues with Messaging Tool
  • Existing Math Editor Equations not Displaying After Upgrade to Q2 2017 CU2

Ally Fixes:

  • Ally Indicators do not Display with every Content Item
  • In multiple docstore environments, files were not being analyzed when the file had a listing in the "linkResources" endpoint but not a "hasLinks" attribute. 

Kaltura Video B2 Update:

The Kaltura Video Building Block supports the following service packs: 

  • Blackboard Learn self-hosted and managed-hosting (v5.0.62) -  Q2 2016 release, Q4 2016 release, and release Q2 2017. 
  • Blackboard Learn SaaS in the classic Learn experience (v5.1.0.62). If you are a Blackboard SaaS customer, please contact your Kaltura representative to plan your deployment. 

New Features:

This version introduces the long awaited feature that allows you to modify the grades type to values other than 1-100 for the In Video Quiz with the Blackboard Grade Book integration.  

Resolved Issue:

  • Added support for different grading types in the IVQ to BlackBoard Grade Book integration

Known Issue:

  • When using the Mashup tool to add a Kaltura video, users cannot add attachments. This issue is caused due to some deprecatedclasses on that page, and will be fixed in future releases

Turnitin Updates:


  • Updated manifest file permissions - Blackboard have changed their permission requirements to be more specific. After lots of tests against the release of Blackboard Learn SaaS v3300 / Learn Q4 2017, file permissions are now all set correctly. Keep an eye open for further improvements coming soon. 
  • Updates to instructor permission checks - We've added a few extra security checks when instructors are accessing the integration. You won't notice any changes, as they all happen in the background. 

Bug fixes:

  • Web service URL description update - We've updated the description for the web service URL field when configuring the Basic integration to not reference a static Blackboard database but rather reference the actual database name. You can make any adjustments you would usually do at this point.  
  • Previously:
    • http[s]://<URL to Blackboard>/webapps/turn-plgnhndl-bb_bb60/services/TiiBbWebService
  • Now: 
    •  http[s]://<URL to Blackboard>/webapps/turn-plgnhndl-BB313871SF785496/services/TiiBbWebService
  • Removing grades causes the grade to be set to 0 - If a grade was removed in Turnitin, it would change to 0 within the grade centre. Understandably, this could cause unnecessary distress for students, finding that they now have a 0 grade, rather than no grade at all! When grades are removed from Turnitin, we will now let the Grade Centre know that the submission needs grading. 
  • Paper remains ungraded when adding comments or uploading files - If you added comments or uploaded a file via the 'Modify Grade' page (also known as the Attempt page) before setting a grade, things got a little confusing, setting the grade to 0. Now you can add to this page and still be notified that the assignment needs grading. 
  • Successfully remove student from course and sync - If a student was removed from a course, this caused an error to appear when grades attempted to sync, revealing the error message: 'The specified object was not found'. Syncing grades will now work as intended.


  • Sync Grades now correctly sets a submission’s attempt date. 
  • Gradecentre column type is no longer reset to ‘Score’ by the building block. 
  • View Assignments by Groups table is now sorted on paper ID by default. 
  • Fixed an issue when accessing assignments in copied courses that could cause the following error: 
    • java.lang.NullPointerException  
    • com.iparadigms.blackboard.TiiRequestDispatcher.doRedirect(