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Kaltura Service Interruptions

This page is an archived log of all scheduled maintenance, unplanned downtime, or other interruptions in service for Kaltura and its related services.


This table lists planned and unplanned downtime for the externally hosted Kaltura service

See third-party status feed:Kaltura Video Player(opens in new window)

Kaltura planned and unplanned downtime
6/14/2020Sun4:49 PM6:08 PMPerformancePerformance issue
6/10/2020Wed10:40 AM11:40 AMUnplannedNetworking issue
10/7/2019Mon9:54 AM12:16 PMUnplannedKaltura
9/18/2019 - 9/23/2019Wed9:00 AM2:00 PMUnplannedKaltura KAF
8/16/2018Sun9:30 AM10:00 AMNo DowntimeKaltura Mediaspace
8/16/2018Sun7:30 AM8:00 AMNo DowntimeKaltura Maintenance
3/9/2017Thu5:00 AM7:30 AMScheduledKaltura MediaSpace
2/23/2017Thu7:30 AM8:00 AMNo DowntimeConfig Change
2/9/2017Thu5:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledConfig Change
9/8/2016Thu5:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledConfig Change
9/1/2016Thu5:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledConfig Fix
1/14/2016Thu5:00 AM8:00 AMScheduledKAF config change