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Distributed Learning Technologies

February 9, 2017: Kaltura Configuration Change

Kaltura Version 2.52

What's new in version 2.52

This version resolves:

  • Duplicate 350x90 companion ads
  • Companion CreativeType is incorrect
  • YLE - HLS.JS duplicating external stream segments
  • Fullscreen issue with dual screen
  • Chapter and slides have wrong thumbnails

Known Issues

    • Add support to memcache
    • Inappropriate use of ARIA roles, states, and properties
    • The video player object contains inappropriate aria roles
    • Player spinner is displayed during failover
    • Playback of live stream freezes after fallback to primary
    • Loading spinner is shown on playing video after back to LIVE on external stream
    • Continuous loading symbol displayed on changing the rate
    • Live indicator doesn't return to Live when you pause the stream twice
    • Kaltura Live: Bitrate switch: Player doesn't switch bitrate after starting to play live and trying to choose lowest bitrate
    • Revert "Change playbackrate api in playManifest request"
    • php syntax error on application server
    • Trigger "backToLive" once seeked in DVR