The Department of English

English Graduation Celebration

Collage of faculty and students celebrating

The English graduation celebration is an annual celebration honoring English Department graduates and award recipients. Food and refreshments are provided and guests are welcome when they RSVP.

2018 Celebration 

Outstanding B.A. Student in Englishpresented by Dr. Aydé Enríquez-Loya

AnaRose Perez Vieyra

Outstanding M.A. Student in English - presented by Dr. Laura Sparks

Marta Shaffer

Excellence in English Awards

Rachel Grigg - presented by Dr. Ela Thurgood

Tanner Hansen - presented by Dr. Matt Brown

Ariel Macken - presented by Dr. Nathaniel Heggins Bryant

Katie Mathews - presented by Dr. Jeanne Clark

Blayne Sanders - presented by Dr. Kendall Leon

English Department Diversity Award - presented by Dr. Sara Trechter

Alondra Adame

Carol Burr Student Research Awards - presented by Dr. Saundra Wright

Savannah Anderson

Brittany DeLacy

Kyler Dill

Mary Gibaldi

William Pfaff

Joshua Staton

Catherine Wilcox

Ellen Walker Prize for Excellence in Editing - presented by Professor Sarah Pape

Jer Xiong

Outstanding Thesis Project - presented by Dr. Rob Davidson

Daria Booth

M.A. with Distinction - presented by Dr. Saundra Wright

Elliot Coyle

Julie Ricks

Luke Scholl

Marta Shaffer

Creative Writing Awards - presented by Dr. Rob Davidson


1st prize: Jewel Sanchez

2nd prize: Marta Shaffer

3rd prize: Ibe Liebenberg


1st prize: Andrea Moore

2nd prize: Ian Allen

3rd prize: Zeth Martinez

Creative Nonfiction

1st prize: Jer Xiong

2nd prize: Julie Ricks

3rd prize: Joanna Hooste

Honorable Mention: Jeanette Keables

Honorable Mention: Suzanne Markuson Roberts

Other Special Acknowledgements - presented by Dr. Saundra Wright

Honors in English

Ruben Mendoza

Honors in GE

Blanca Estrada

Summa Cum Laude

Hailey Collord-Stadler

Katie Mathews

Cum Laude

AnaRosa Perez Vieyra

Music performed by Robert Karch