Speech and Debate Team (Forensics)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensics?

A term for competitive speech and debate programs.

How much does it cost to be on the Forensics Team?

Most costs for competition are covered by CSU Chico. The University pays for travel to and accommodations at tournaments.  It also covers entry and judging fees for participants. You will receive a small per diem for food when traveling as well.

Is there traveling involved if you are on the team?

In order to compete against other institutions of higher education, the CSU, Chico Speech and Debate team travels to regional and national competitions.  These competitions typically take place Friday through Sunday, and some will require traveling on Thursday and/or Monday. This travel is school sanctioned, but it is important to keep up in classes and notify professors of your travel schedule well in advance in order to guarantee instructors will excuse you for the travel.

Where does the CSU Chico Forensics team travel to?

Often times it is primarily throughout California, but if you are successful and exceed in the particular event you are participating in you may travel to many places throughout the United States. In the past, Students have traveled to Ohio, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona as well as other states.