The world in which graduates of the French program at CSU Chico function is multilingual and highly culturally diverse.  This world comprises approximately 300 million French speakers who use French as a primary and secondary language. Our students have the preparation both to speak French in the diverse Francophone world as well as the intellectual and linguistic tools to acquire further abilities to use French within that world whether that be Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, or the Pacific.


The French BA program at CSU Chico introduces students to the culture and language used by the French speaking world.  The faculty member in French provides opportunities to put classroom learning to use by helping students achieve their goal to study in a French speaking region as well as by fostering present and future development as world citizens and intellectually engaged professionals.  The program reinforces the idea that the language and cultural traditions associated with the French speaking world can form a means for further learning and be used personally, professionally, and intellectually.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Students improve their skills and have as many opportunities to use French to the highest degree possible before graduation.
  2. Students acquire the knowledge and tools to continue developing their language and interests in French after graduation.
  3. Students learn the specifics of the development and history of French language, and French/Francophone literature and culture.
  4. Students know the where, why, and how of the communities of other learners and speakers of French.