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Dallas DeForest


Dallas DeForest completed his Ph.D. in History at The Ohio State University in 2013. He is primarily an historian of the material culture of the Roman world, but he also maintains interests in the historiography of Greek archaeology and modern Greek history. His courses at Chico St. cover the history of the ancient Mediterranean, the Byzantine Empire, and pre-modern world history. He is currently working on a study of Crete during the late Roman period. 

Recent Publications:

“Bath, City and Society in Late Roman Athens.” Journal of Greek Archaeology 5 (2020):327-366. 

“Agathias on Italy, Italians and the Gothic War.” Estudios bizantinos 8 (2020): 61-81. 

“Baths, Christianity and Bathing Culture in Late Antiquity,” in The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology, eds. W. Caraher, D. Pettegrew, T. Davis, 2019: 189-208.

“Between Ideology and Social Practice: Baths and Bathing in Christian Communities in Late Antiquity.” Journal of Ancient History 6.1 (2018): 136-65. 

Courses Offered: 

History 101: World History to 1400

History 300W: Historians and Historical Methodology 

History 301: Greek History

History 302: The Roman Republic

History 303: The Roman Empire

History 309: Romans of the East: The Byzantine Empire 

History 409W: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 

History 496: Material Culture 

Portrait of Dallas DeForest