College Of Humanities and Fine Arts

Fusion Media Lab

Fusion Lab provides a space for students to utilize machines like the laser printer, 3D printer, and resin printer. it is open to all Art and Humanities students. This is where you can come to build your models, stencils, plates for printmaking, etc. The possibilities here are endless. We will guide you step by step so if you're curious dive right into it without any hesitation and reach out.

The use of the Fusion Media Lab is intended for the current Department of HFA students only.

Location: Ayres Hall, Room 122

File Setup

Remember that you can take two routes you can either engrave it (raster) or cut it all the way through (vector). For all the vector drawings make sure you are cutting enclosed shapes.

  • All files must be Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

  • Ensure that the line thickness is 0.001

  • Vector lines and raster lines must be in different colors.

  • All colors are RGB

Order Instructions

Fill out the Fusion Media Lab Form (PDF) and email it (along with your file) to

You will receive an email if there is something you need to fix with corrections or when your project is ready for pick up.