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Comparative Religion and Humanities Student Society

The Comparative Religion and Humanities Student Society is a non-sectarian CSU Chico group that helps interested students and professors further their studies of religion and the humanities in an informal, stimulating and fun environment. In addition to exploring cultural and religious traditions, ideas, and practices in historical and contemporary society, we provide opportunities for students, faculty, and members of various communities to share ideas and perspectives in a relaxed and respectful setting. Our membership includes majors, minors, and other interested students from Chico State and Butte Community College . Membership is open to those of any or no religious persuasion.

If you are interested in more information on the CRHSS, come by the Comparative Religion and Humanities department office in ARTS 377; or contact our current faculty advisors by phone or email.

Faculty Advisors: 

We hope to see you at some of our many exciting events this year!