College Of Humanities and Fine Arts

History Writing Cooperative

The History Writing Cooperative (HWC) is here to help students improve their historical researching and writing skills. We provide tutoring in a variety of related areas, including research methodology, finding and evaluating sources, proper citation, and tips specifically related to academic-level writing in the field of History. The HWC also offers editing services for draft papers, and provides advice on overcoming common stumbling blocks encountered by students.

How to Access HWC Services

  1. Make an appointment here or by using the appointment sign-up sheet just outside the HWC office door.
  2. Drop by our office in Trinity Hall, Room 202 during the hours listed below. A tutor will help you as soon as they are available.
  3. Set up a Zoom appointment by emailing If you are in an online History course, you may email a paper for that course to for an HWC tutor to review. (Note: You must email your paper at least 48 hours before you need it back to allow the tutors sufficient time. Papers emailed less than 48 hours in advance may not receive feedback in time.) The HWC does not review emailed papers for face-to-face courses.

We strongly encourage students to reach out to the HWC at the earliest opportunity.

Location and Hours

Trinity Hall, Room 202
M-F: 12pm - 4pm