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Degrees in History

History (BA)

Embark on a journey through time with the Bachelor of Arts in History at Chico State! Whether aspiring educators or history enthusiasts, our program enriches minds and provides diverse perspectives. Choose from two options—social science pre-credential for future educators or the general option for versatile careers in business, law, museums, government, and beyond. History unfolds at Chico State—where the past shapes the future.

Careers: Historian Museum Curator Government Analyst Secondary Teacher Lawyer


History Minor

For those fascinated by history but not majoring in the discipline, the Minor in History offers a chance to receive recognition for doing something they love—exploring the past. Students take two courses in each of three areas of history: (1) ancient, Medieval, and global; (2) European; and (3) United States. 

Certificates and Credentials

Advanced Study in History Certificate

The Certificate in Advanced Study in History provides an opportunity to take graduate-level history courses without applying to our MA program. The program is designed with secondary school teachers in mind, but it is a path that others interested in challenging themselves with rigorous historical study may pursue.

Certificate in Public History

The Certificate in Public History program prepares students for non-teaching careers as historians outside the academy. Emphasis is placed on gaining skills and knowledge necessary for public and private sector employment in the fields of historic preservation, historic site assessment, archival management, and cultural resources management.

Graduate Degrees

History (MA)

Dive into the Master of Arts in History at Chico State—an enriching journey for those aspiring to doctoral studies, educators, and history enthusiasts. Elevate your understanding of the past, honing advanced research and writing skills. Our graduates emerge ready to contribute independently to history, shaping careers in education, journalism, and government. Uncover the richness of the past with us!

MA in History
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Careers: Secondary Teacher College or University Professor Journalist Lawyers Historians in Government and Private Agencies