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Undergraduate Degrees

Philosophy BA

Philosophy is a first choice for students who want to develop an ability to think clearly and reason well, and who want to find answers to life's most important questions, such as:

  • Do people really have free will?
  • Can computers think?
  • What is an ethical life?
  • What moral obligations do I have to other people? To nonhuman animals? To the environment?
  • What does identity consist in? What makes a person the same person over time? How should we understand race, gender, and other aspects of identity?
  • Is it possible to know anything with absolute certainty?
  • Does the universe have a purpose? Does life?
  • Is there a God? Does it make a difference if there is or isn't a God?
  • What makes one's life a good life?

If you enjoy deeply engaging discussions about God, reality, ethics, politics and religion, then the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is for you.

Careers: Ethics Consultant Policy Analyst Legal Assistant


Ethics Minor

Ethical reasoning has application to current social questions and conflicts. Professional organizations recognize the importance of ethics in practice. With the Minor in Ethics, students will gain an understanding of and acquire skills in moral reflection and practice in such areas as parenting, the environment, food production, technology, politics, and science.

Philosophy Minor

The Minor in Philosophy can deepen understanding of human nature, human culture, and the diversity of human values, thereby providing an opportunity to address fundamental issues of human concern. The minor improves reasoning skills and the ability to apply complex concepts to real-world experience. Because the minor is relatively unstructured, it allows students a great deal of choice regarding classes taken and works well with most majors.