History Department

The Thesis Plan

A student may submit a thesis as the culminating experience leading to the M.A. in History only when he or she has obtained the prior approval of the Department Graduate Committee.  This permission will be granted if it can be shown that the proposed thesis will make an original and significant contribution to historical knowledge.

Before the end of the first academic year, the student must, therefore, consult with his or her individual graduate advisory committee and prepare a thesis prospectus for submission to the Department Graduate Committee, along with a completed Thesis Plan enrollment form (PDF).(opens in new window) The prospectus should describe the student's thesis topic and provide a working list of both secondary and primary sources (listed separately) that will be consulted.  The student should seek to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the historiographic literature in his or her field, and that sufficient and accessible primary materials exist so that a genuinely original work can be produced.

Upon completion of the thesis and its acceptance by the student's Graduate Advisory Committee, an oral examination will be scheduled to which all members of the Department will be invited.  At this oral examination the student will be asked to defend the thesis.

Thesis formatting and submission instructions, Office of Graduate Studies


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