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Prof. Steve Lewis receives Honorable Mention for his recent book, Rethinking Mexican Indigenismo

In April 2019, Steve Lewis' recent book Rethinking Mexican Indigenismo: The INI's Coordinating Center in Highlands Chiapas and the Fate of a Utopian Project received Honorable Mention for the Thomas McGann Book Prize in Modern Latin American History by the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies, the largest Latin American Studies organization west of the Mississippi. 

Rethinking Mexican Indigenismo

"Steve Lewis expertly provides us with a magnificent tour-de-force of indigenista policy designed to improve the life of the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico's most backward state. This book is required reading to understand the potential and contradictions of government-centered development programs, as well as the personalities of those who design such policies." - Marc Becker, author of Pachakutik: Inidigenous Movements and Electoral Politics in Ecuador 

"Well written and clearly argued, this book analyzes the outcomes of a generation of government policy vis-a-vis inidigenous people in Chiapas, linking the experiences on the ground to the evolution of government policy. It is a superior contribution to the field in part because of its scope and in part because of its detail." Alexander S. Dawson, author of Indian and Nation in Revolutionary Mexico 

The paperback edition of the book will be out in May 2020. The Spanish edition of the book is scheduled to be published in late 2020. 

To purchase Rethinking Mexican Indigenismo, please click here: https://unmpress.com/books/rethinking-mexican-indigenismo/9780826359025