Brunella Windsor

ARTS 351


Born in Bologna, Italy, Brunella Piccione Windsor holds a Ph.D. in Historical Linguistics at the Università della Sapienza, Rome, Italy, with a dissertation on the language of the Italian-Americans in California. She also holds a Master's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a Major in French from the Università degli Studi of Florence, a Piano Diploma from the National Conservatory of Music of Palermo, and a Master's Degree in Music at Chico State University.

Professor Windsor taught both Music and French in the Italian School System for several years before coming to the United States in 1990. As a freelance translator and interpreter she has worked for several major Italian and American agencies, and has translated three books that were published in Italy and in the US, one of which received special recognition from the Belgian Embassy in Paris. As a piano soloist, she has performed internationally. More recently, for a period of four years, she was the Program Director for Apollo Performing Arts.

Since 1992 at the California State University, Chico she has been teaching all levels of Italian and French Languages and courses in Italian Literature and Culture.

Her passion for languages, music, art and history has inspired extensive travels all over Europe, Russia, Israel, China, Egypt, and in most of South America. Her zest for life is also reflected in her enjoyment of teaching, reading, being with students, watching good movies, listening to music, cooking, and taking meditative walks by the sea. 

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