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IT Support Services

ITSS Service Agreement

I acknowledge that I am entering into this agreement based upon my own free will. Further, I agree not to hold CSU, Chico responsible for any loss of, or damage to personal property, any loss of data, or any loss of software resulting from actions taken by CSU, Chico IT Support Services (ITSS). I understand that this agreement in no way alters any computer or device usage guidelines or policies governing access to the University’s network.

In exchange for this waiver of liability, CSU, Chico ITSS agrees to attempt to restore system stability and/or network connectivity to the computer or device. To do so, CSU, Chico ITSS may need to install security patches and/or other updates that can adversely affect some programs. CSU, Chico ITSS may install software in a manner similar to that of a knowledgeable computer or device user. Software that is illegal or disruptive to the campus network may be removed. CSU, Chico ITSS reserves the right to refuse installation of hardware and/or software if the CSU, Chico ITSS staff believes that such installation may cause damage or support problems once installed, or if the system unit does not meet minimum standards.

I understand that CSU, Chico cannot be held responsible for damage to my equipment, including loss of data or software. It is presumed that I have current backups of my hard disk files, including personal data and software application licenses. I authorize CSU, Chico IT Support Services to troubleshoot and make changes to my computer or device software and settings. Additionally, CSU, Chico licensed virus control software (ClearPass) may be added to my system. Such procedures are considered mandatory to connect my computer to the CSU, Chico network.

I understand the above information and waive repair responsibility for work done on the computer or device for which I am responsible.