Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

Choral Ensembles

The CSU, Chico choral organizations have a rich history of outstanding concerts and are respected for consistently high performance standards. Each of the choirs, whether auditioned or non-auditioned, is open to all Chico State students, regardless of major. This open enrollment philosophy gives the choirs a unique group dynamic by including a wide cross-section of students with varied interests, with a common interest in performing choral music together. Each choir performs in at least one major concert a semester and participates in a variety of other activities.

Dr. David Scholz
Phone: 530-898-6127

Acappella Choir

Acappella Choir, an auditioned ensemble of approximately 60 students, explores a diverse repertoire of quality vocal music from the 17th to the 21st centuries. This choir is open to any CSU, Chico student, regardless of major. Students interested in singing with this ensemble should register for the class and attend the first class session of the semester, where information regarding auditions, a class syllabus, and a complete schedule of concerts will be distributed. Membership is contingent upon completion of an audition and instructor approval. Contact the director, Dr. David Scholz, at or 530-898-6127 for further information.

Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers is a small ensemble of typically 20 students who are also members of Acappella Choir. This group focuses on innovative performances of challenging choral literature that is varied in style, international in scope, and rich in depth and excellence. This choir is open by audition to any CSU Chico student, regardless of major. Membership is contingent upon completion of an audition, membership in Acappella Choir, and instructor approval. Students interested in singing with the Chamber Singers should hold the rehearsal times open in their schedule and contact the director, Dr. David Scholz, at or 530-898-6127 for further information and to set up an audition time.


Auditions consist of the following:

(Please note that no prepared solo is required)

  1. Vocalization - to determine range, vocal timbre, consistency of vibrato, intonation, etc.
  2. Tonal memory exercises - to determine ability to identify and reproduce notes in a chord, ability to accurately repeat a pattern of notes played on the keyboard.
  3. Sightreading - singers will be asked to sing (as accurately as possible) a series of six sightreading examples independent of harmonic accompaniment.