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Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Fava Bean Nitrogen Fixation Trial Field Day

Friday, Mar. 22, 2019, 9:45 a.m.–noon
Lundberg Family Farm

Fava bean is an ancient food crop that is extensively grown and consumed around the world. In California, fava bean is largely grown as winter cover crop to protect the soil and add to soil nitrogen. In this field day event, several speakers will talk about the benefits and selection of cover crops for different cropping systems. We will also demonstrate a field trial that aims to identify fava bean genotypes with enhanced nitrogen fixation.


9:45 – Refreshment & Registration

10:00 - Welcome & Organic Rice Production - Jessica Lundberg, LFF

10:15 – Cover Crops in Annual Rotations - Sarah Light, UCCE Agronomy Advisor

10:30 - Fava bean Cover Crop in Ricelands - Dr. Jinguo Hu, ARS Pullman, Genetic Resources

10:45 - Selection of Warm & Cool Season Cover Crops - Margaret Smither-Kopperl, PMC

11:00 - Cover Crops in Orchards- Rory Crowley, Nicolaus Nut Company, Inc.

11:15 - Walking to the Field Trial

11:30 - Students Research Spotlight, Fava bean Benefits Potentials – Aaron Alvarez, Amanda Cox, Chloe Dugger, Miriam Pacheco

11:45 – Fava bean Nitrogen Fixation, Dr. Zakeri, CSU, Chico

Noon - Adjourn and Questions

All are welcome. There is no registration, but they would appreciate an email to Hossein Zakeri, for a headcount. For more information, call 530-538-3500.

Lundberg Family Farm is located at 5311 Midway, Richvale, CA.