MESA Engineering Program/Chico STEM Connections Collaborative

MESA Engineering Program (MEP)/Chico STEM Connections Collaborative (CSC²)

About MEP/CSC2

Since 1985, the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management at CSU, Chico has been home to the MESA Engineering Program (MEP) which provides academic and support services to students from underrepresented groups. For more than 30 years, MEP has been an essential program that has helped thousands of underrepresented students complete their engineering, computer science, and construction management degrees. MEP has provided career awareness, professional development opportunities, scholarships, technical career fairs, and motivation activities including sponsored guest speakers, field trips, workshops, and tutoring. In 2016, MEP expanded its services and student retention model to include the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Agriculture by creating the program Chico STEM Connections Collaborative—CSC².

CSC² received $4.2 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Education through the Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Division. Under this grant, CSC² serves students by providing academic support, peer mentoring, financial literacy, undergraduate research opportunities, and community college transfer student support. For more information about CSC² services visit Services and Eligibility page.

CSC² is an innovative program working in collaboration with other California State Universities throughout the state to coordinate and integrate project data into one of the largest and most comprehensive evaluations of best practices found in the nation. Therefore, Chico State will play a crucial role in creating systemic change for our diverse and historically underserved population.

CSC² Mission

The Chico STEM Connections Collaborative (CSC²) aims to recruit and retain students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors and facilitate their academic success. Throughout the program, students will have access to services that will provide academic guidance and personal support.

Chico STEM Connections Collaborative (CSC2) offers support, resources, and opportunities to Chico State’s historically underrepresented students majoring in engineering, computer science, construction management, natural sciences, and agriculture.

We invite you to learn more about our family of academic initiatives that aim to support, motivate, and prepare students for success in STEM-based fields of study. CSC2 serves educationally disadvantaged students and, to the extent possible by law, emphasizes participation by students from groups with low eligibility rates for four-year institutions.


  • Individualized academic support/advising
  • Academic assistance, tutoring services, and study groups
  • Professional development and career awareness
  • Summer undergraduate research opportunities with CSU, Chico faculty
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Study centers for each program
  • Support services for community college transfer students
  • Financial-aid and scholarship assistance
  • Networking and making new friends with the same interests
  • Access to career student organizations
  • Graduate and professional school application assistance
  • Job search assistance
  • ECC Student Success Center
  • STEMCAT Mentoring

History of MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

On the heels of the civil rights movement, a group of concerned educators and community activists in the California Bay Area created MESA. Its goal: provide the academic support, resources and career exploration needed to increase the number of minority students graduating from undergraduate engineering programs. A grassroots effort that began with 25 students at Oakland Technical High School in 1970 has flourished into an award-winning program that serves almost 25,000 middle school, high school, community college and university level students throughout California each year. MESA’s long history with industry and its vast network of alumni are key components to success. Learn more...

CSC² is a collaborative effort between the colleges of:

  • Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management (ECC)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Agriculture

Services include:

  • Academic assistance and advising
  • Navigating financial aid services and scholarship applications
  • Professional development and career awareness
  • Undergraduate research opportunities

Whether you are a first-year student, a currently enrolled Chico State student, or a transfer student, CSC2 will help you with your academic success by providing comprehensive support services that will allow you to move rapidly into core courses and through program completion. Check for eligibility and how to apply