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Spring 2022 - Technical Career Fair Week - Student Information

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Spring 2022 - IN PERSON
Technical Career Fair Week
February 21 – 24, 2022

BMU Auditorium 12:30 - 4:30
Hosted by MESA Engineering Program

Sponsored by College of Engineering

Technical Career Fair Week will be in the BMU  To participate you will need to submit a resume. We recommend including additional page for "Projects Profile," if you have done "Projects" that showcase your skills.

Guidelines for proper resume are available thru the Chico State Career Center. If you need help with writing or updating your resume, they have drop in and appointment hours. They have sample resumes templates you can use. Please use their templates and not ones from the internet. These are proven Chico State templates.


Resumes are due by 11 a.m. on Friday, February 11th.

Company recruiters will be evaluating them that same Friday day in the afternoon.

You should ask your major advisor, professor or Success Center team to look over your resume for proper technical accuracy, terminology and proper resume grammar.  It is important that you have a well refined resume because the recruiters, hiring managers and HR staff will use it to qualify you for their available positions as either an internship or permanent position.

Please use the format below. Resumes that do not have the proper file naming structure will be returned. We expect hundreds of resumes for this event. As they are received they will be automatically sorted by major to be made available to companies hiring your specific major.

ADOBE PDF FORMATTING is the only option or format we will accept. Files not in PDF format will be returned.

Please name file like this example:


Jerry Smith who is a Computer Science student would list his this way below. Because we have many people with the last name of Smith and first initial of J your Wildcat Email is unique to just one individual.

CSCI_JSmith038_12-2020.pdf - this is the format needed

Companies will be told that the unique name "JSmith038" will be quickest way to email you. That they will only need to add "" to quickly email you information. We will also use this to send your Zoom Links. Please make sure you check your Wildcat Email as they will use this to contact you.

If you are a double major submit majors as one <Mecha_Electrical> name.

PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME FROM YOUR WILDCAT EMAIL. You can create a rule in your email to save all "Technical Career Fair" corresponence to a seperate folder in your email. Or forward them to an external email to help you organize incoming job offers or requests for interviews.

Use these codes for your major we will sort resumes by these codes:

CAGD   Computer Animation and Game Development (We are looking for companies to invite. If you have recommendations, please email us)
CIVL     Civil Engineering
CMPE    Computer Engineering
CINS      Computer Information System
CSCI     Computer Science 
CIMT     Concrete Industry Management
CMGT    Construction Management
EECE      Electrical/Electronic Engineering
MECH     Mechanical Engineering
MECA     Mechatronic Engineering
AMAR     Advanceed Manufacturing and Applied Robotics - formerly Sustainable Manufacturing

All double majors will have their resume included in both major category for proper disbursement to be seen by company reps looking for both of your majors.

Minors will not be sorted. Companies are aware of traditional Major and Minor combinations, especially those whose majors require programming.

Please email your PDF resume to:


For more help with your Resume, you can ask your department for help to review for technical correctness and recommendations.

You Could also contact:
Engineering Success Center and/or Career Center

If you have any questions please email


Here are a few websites you can start looking at to plan your resume then MEET with one of your advisors and/or with one of the Career Center Team members.