Academic Affairs Space & Facilities


MetaBIM, Inc. is a software company that produces FacilitiesLink™ software. FacilitiesLink™ (FL) is a database that allows users to track all facilities and space related information for an organization. All facilities and space on our campus has been entered into this database and is used by various departments for tracking a variety of information.

FL can be used to assign space to a division, a college, a department, and an occupant. Floor plans are also available via FL. Information for the Space & Facilities Database (SFDB), required by the Chancellor’s Office, is currently stored in various places on campus. Therefore, one of the goals of populating FL with current space information is to have all SFDB information easily accessible in one place. This will make the annual reporting of the SFDB to the CO far more efficient. Additional goals are to provide up-to-date, easy reporting of campuswide space utilization, and to eventually populate the campus directory, eliminating the need for double data-entry when personnel/occupant information requires updating.