Meet Your Tour Guides


Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Psychology

My name is Maddison Claire Leffel, I’ve been told that sounds very French - I’m not French, but I enjoy that people make this mistake all the time.  I hail from the vast lands of the Mid-West, more specifically Indianapolis, Indiana; where I grew accustomed to corn, cows, and race cars.

I’m entering my fourth year here at Chico State, majoring in psychology with a minor in ethics. I suppose I’m just your average a-typical college student; I watch too much television and I consume too much caffeine. I get involved when I can, from Cats in the Community to Tres Days. I have served and celebrated this little town I‘ve deemed home. I love Chico; mainly because those who wander fit right in, and because the coffee here is fantastic.

I’ve scaled water-falls in Yosemite and canyoneered through Bidwell Park, but I’d rather hang out on my porch, scope out the locals, and read a book by Chelsea Handler. I read more intelligent things than books by Chelsea Handler. I’d like to change the world one day, but that’s going to take years of research and extensive training, so for now, I have aspirations of playing Humans vs. Zombies (if I ever figure out how to rock the bandana on campus).

Chico appeals to a few interests of mine, just off the top of my head they include: campus-wide games of capture the flag, midnight trips to relive my childhood on the swing sets at Bidwell Park, and the view from exit 32.