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College of Agriculture


If it were just food and fiber, it would be indispensable. But agriculture is more than that. It’s both the promise of sustenance for a hungry world and a source of enjoyment in a demanding world. It is education and entertainment. It is land use and landscape. It is natural sustainability and national security.

It is a confluence of biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, engineering, meteorology, biotechnology, economics, finance, marketing, packaging, distribution, sales, and sociology. Essentially, agriculture is life.

For 60 years, the College of Agriculture at California State University, Chico has impacted the quality of life in California and across the nation by educating and equipping agricultural leaders who have the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and decision-making ability that allows them to excel in their chosen career. The close, friendly nature of our college, combined with an integrated agricultural curriculum and remarkable access to hands-on education, creates a fertile learning environment for our students and the agriculture industry we serve.

Student Spotlight

Derek Mench - Crops, Horticulture, and Land Resource Management

College football is the reason Derek Mench is at CSU, Chico. No, the University hasn’t started a new athletic team. But if Shasta College hadn’t recruited the crops, horticulture, and land resource management major to play football, he would have gone straight to Oregon State University out of high school, where he had already registered for school and applied to live in the dorms. Instead, Shasta College’s football team came calling at the end of his senior year, so Mench withdrew from Oregon State and played football for two years at the community college in Redding. It was at Shasta College, while earning both an associate degree in agriculture sciences and 2013 Defensive All Conference Player recognition, where Mench decided to further his education in agriculture at California State University, Chico. 

News Flash

College of Agriculture Recognized by Butte County 4-H

On Oct. 22, California State University, Chico’s College of Agriculture was awarded the 2013–2014 Meritorious Service Business Award on behalf of the Butte County 4-H Youth Development Program. Nick Bertagna, Butte County 4-H program representative, delivered the award to the University Farm.

Sierra Oro Passport Weekend Brings Visitors to CSU, Chico University Farm

The ninth annual Sierra Oro Farm Trail Passport Weekend took place Oct. 11–12, 2014, providing visitors the opportunity to explore 29 of Butte County’s finest wineries and specialty farms. California State University, Chico’s University Farm was offered as a stop along the farm trail, bringing faculty, students, and staff together to showcase the Paul L. Byrne Memorial Agriculture Teaching and Research Center to approximately 600 visitors. 

College of Agriculture Students Awarded ARPAS Scholarships

California State University, Chico agriculture students J.P. Thompson and Kenzi Wattenburger were awarded scholarships from the California American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) on Oct. 1, 2014. ARPAS provides certification of animal scientists through examination, continuing education and commitment to a code of ethics.