Department of Anthropology Programs

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Degree Programs

Advisor: Dr. Jesse Dizard

Advisor: Dr. Colleen Milligan

Certificate Programs

The Department of Anthropology offers four certificates that are an enhancement to a BA degree that any current Chico State student can sign up. 

Below is brief description of each certificate and a link to see required classes. 

For more information on a particular certificate please contact the certificate coordinator which is located on the bottom of the required class list. 

Certificate in Applied Cultural Anthropology

This certificate prepares individuals for careers in private business and in public agencies in the U.S. and abroad.  Emphasis is placed upon identifying culturally related problem areas, research design, collecting and analyzing data and policy analysis.

Required class list.

Universtiy Catalog Link


Track 1: International Development - Dr. David Eaton

Track 2: Medical Anthropology - Dr. David Eaton

Track 3: Environmental and Development - Dr. Jesse Dizard

Track 4: Visual Anthropology - Dr. Brian Brazeal

Certificate in Cultural Resource Management

This certificate prepares individuals for careers in the conservation, preservation and management of historic and prehistoric cultural properties located on public and private lands. Emphasis is placed upon research, development, and implementation of regional research designs as well as acquisition of archaeological field skills and knowledge of federal and state requirements.  Employment opportunities are plentiful.

Required class list

University Catalog Link

Archaeology web page

Advisor: Dr. Matthew O'Brien and Dr. Carly Whelan

Certificate in Forensic Identification

This certificate fosters student interest in applying scientific knowledge and skills of the physical anthropologist to legal issues (i.e., in an area of the forensic sciences). This certificate promotes the development of important methods, techniques  and the opportunity for experience appropriate in foresnic settings.

Required class list

Human ID web page

University Catalog Link 

Advisor: Dr. Colleen Milligan

Certificate in Museum Studies

This certificate prepares individuals for careers in municipal, county, historical society museums, state and federal interpretive centers. Emphasis is placed upon curatorial research and design, preparation and installation of exhibits.

Required class list

Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology web page

Advisor: Dr. William Nitzky

To add an Anthropology Certificate, Minor,  or Major to your CSU, Chico curriculum please visit Student Records and Registration Office.