Dear Alumni,

Welcome back to the Department of Religious Studies!

Religious studies continues to provide an important and necessary component of the CSU, Chico curriculum. As we’re sure you will agree, understanding the world’s religions is tremendously important in understanding culture, history, art, and human behavior. The academic study of religion is too often neglected by those who investigate human behavior and set public policy, while individual religious traditions are frequently misunderstood. The Department of Religious Studies is deeply invested in the education of majors that are adept in the study of religion and culture.  It is also dedicated to bringing a nuanced and accurate understanding of this field to the university and to our community.

We would love to re-establish our connections with you, find out more about your current lives and whereabouts, continue our dialogue about religion and culture, and put you in touch with other graduates of RS (now RELS).  Please consider joining the Religious Studies Alumni Page on Facebook in order to facilitate this process.  We also appreciate your many cards, letters, and occasional phone calls that keep us abreast of your families, careers, and thoughts on your past education in Religious Studies.

In order to communicate with us your thoughts about the skills you received and the lifelong interests you have developed from your coursework in Religious Studies and interaction with our faculty, we also urge you to fill out the questionnaire found here.

The Faculty of the Department of Religious Studies