Practical Minors and Certificates

Minors and certificates that may be of interest for students majoring in Religious Studies:

We believe that training in the humanities in general and religious studies in particular will help you prepare for the frequent career changes that you will undergo in the future. Flexibility begins with a quality core education and a set of skills, provided by your major in religious studies, on which you can base future choices. But in order to prepare for the future job market, it is sometimes advisable to get additional training at the undergraduate level. A minor or certificate in a field listed below is often sufficient to land an initial job in one of these careers or to add to the probability that you can gain employment in a job that is conceptually related to your studies in religion and culture.

The Minor in Accounting
The Minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution
The Minor in Business Administration
The Minor in Criminal Justice
The Minor in Economics
The Minor in Education
The Minor in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
The Minor in Environmental Studies
The Minor in Gerontology
The Minor in Health Services Administration
The Minor in Health Science
The Minor in International Business
The Minor in International Relations
The Minor in Leadership Studies
The Minor in Management
The Minor in Management Information Systems
The Minor in Managing Diversity in Organizations
The Minor in Managing for Sustainability
The Minor in Marketing
The Minor in Project Management
The Minor in Public Administration
The Minor in Recreation Administration
The Minor in Tourism

The Certificate in Cultural Resource Management
The Certificate in Emergency Medical Services Administration
The Certificate in Employee Services and Recreation
The Certificate in Gerontology
The Certificate in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations
The Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing
The Certificate in Museum Studies
The Certificate in Rural and Town Planning
The Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking
The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TOEFL)
Paralegal Certificate
Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in English
Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Spanish
Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science