Student Resources


In order to ensure that students are progressing in the major, are aware of new course offerings, and have been given the most up-to-date information about the upcoming course schedule, the department utilizes mandatory advising. At about the sixth or seventh week of each semester, students are required to make an appointment with their advisor. E-mail reminders will be sent to each student. Students who do not participate in mandatory advising will be unable to register for classes for the next semester until they meet with their advisor.

Study Abroad

As part of their undergraduate education, students in religious studies are encouraged to study abroad. Favorite destinations in the recent past have included Germany, Ghana, India, and Thailand. Other students travel abroad after graduation, teaching English in China, Japan, or Taiwan, or joining the Peace Corps. To make best use of these opportunities, we encourage the study of a foreign language.

Jobs and Internships

In order to prepare themselves for finding jobs after graduation, students are encouraged to pursue internships in organizations in which they would most like to work. Internships can be sought in private companies and corporations, governmental agencies, and non-for-profit organizations, and may involve fields such as the media (print, film, news, television, website), mediation, social services, or human rights.

Graduate Study

Students in religious studies often pursue graduate study in religious studies, theology, and divinity, in addition to degrees in related fields like area studies, anthropology, art history, folklore, history, philosophy, sociology, and languages and literatures. Some students complement their BA in religious studies with advanced degrees in professional fields like business administration, management, education, law, medicine, public administration, international relations, social work, and tourism.

Open University and Elder College

Students not currently enrolled at Chico State can take courses in the humanities through Open University and the Elder College.