Dear Alumni,

Welcome back to the Humanities Program!

Many things have changed about the Humanities Program over the past few years; but humanities still provides one of the most interdisciplinary and student-friendly majors on campus. Few programs foreground the study of a foreign language and study abroad as humanities does. Moreover, in our opinion, no other major allows students to get a sense of the range of human artistic and philosophical accomplishments. We are sure you’ll agree that the humanities major allows students to gain an overview of a tremendous variety of world civilizations, religions, and artistic cultures, without sacrificing the ability to look closely at an individual work of art or writing in its time and place. We also know that students appreciate the opportunity to try out the insights of so many disciplines and to choose courses that best fit their interests.

We would love to re-establish our connections with you, find out more about your current lives and whereabouts, and put you in touch with other graduates of the Humanities Program.

In order to communicate with us your thoughts about the skills you received and the lifelong interests you have developed from your coursework in humanities and interaction with our faculty, we also urge you to fill out the questionnaire found here. Please contact us with any questions or comments at:


The Faculty of the Humanities Program and Friends

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