Center for Water and the Environment

CWE is the CSU, Chico hub for research and education activities related to water and environment.  CWE connects people from diverse fields across the University as well as outside the University.

Highlighted Projects

Aquatic Bioassessment Lab (ABL)

Aquatic Bioassessment Lab (ABL)

ABL is part of a statewide initiative using aquatic insects as bio-indicators of water quality.
Water Conservation

Water Conservation

As the world’s population continues to increase our dependence upon irrigated agriculture grows.
Lower Tuscan Aquifer Study

Lower Tuscan Aquifer Study

There is much interest in the deeper aquifer's water supply potential, although little is known about its geology and hydraulic properties.


CWE Faculty (Drs. Greene, Houk and Miller) Receive Professional Achievement Honors:

Professional Achievement Announcement

CWE Students Win Student Research Contest

Student Research Contest

Dr. Houk, CWE Science Director, Organizes Conference Session on Water and Agriculture, highlighting economic contribution of Ag and its need for water

Conference Session on Water and Agriculture

CWE Faculty (Dr. Chaudhry) Receives Outstanding Research Mentor Award (2 Years in a Row!) 

Outstanding Research Mentor Award