Center for Water and the Environment

Welcome to the CWE

The Center for Water and the Environment (CWE) is the CSU, Chico center for research on water, energy, and the environment. CWE cultivates collaboration for a multidisciplinary perspective on complex environmental and societal issues.

For FACULTY: community of collaborators, research support, funding opportunities, laboratories and shared resources, research promotion, opportunities for students.

For STUDENTS: faculty mentors, research opportunities, high quality learning environment in laboratory and fieldwork, computer lab, funding opportunities, and annual research showcase.

For REGIONAL PARTNERS: faculty expertise (agriculture, economics, engineering, energy, science, social science, and statistics), student interns, opportunities to partner on projects, partnering education with agencies, nonprofits and industry, helping University serve the North State.



CWE Faculty In The News

Two CWE Faculty, Dr. Banet & Dr. Fomin, Honored with Lantis Fellowships

Congratulations CWE Student and Faculty Winners of the 2018 CNS Poster Session Awards!

  • Undergraduate/Faculty Research: Bryn Copson and Dr. Sandrine Matiasek for "Fate of Heavy Metals in Urban Stormwater Biofiltration Systems".
  • Graduate/Faculty Research: Nicholas M. Balfour, Carlos A. Estrada, Rebecca A. Pilakowski, Dylan K. Stompe and Dr. Amanda L. Banet for "Impact of increased incubation temperature and thermal stress on the aerobic scope and thermal tolerance of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).