About CWE

CWE is a hub for research and education activities related to water and environment. The faculty, staff, and students affiliated with CWE have common interests in water and the environment drawn from diverse fields including agriculture, biological sciences, chemistry, economics, engineering, environmental sciences, geography, geological sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and statistics.

As a Center of Excellence at CSU, Chico, CWE’s mission is to:

  • Connect people from across campus as well as outside the University
  • Respond to societal needs.
  • Expand competitiveness in the research of water and the environment.
  • Expand and explore out-of-classroom learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Center collaborates with local, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, particularly within CSU, Chico’s 12-county service region in northern California.