Abstract Writing Workshop

The goal of this event is to help students prepare for submitting ideas to conference panels. The EGSC cannot promise that this workshop will get you into any conference you apply to, however it promises that if you follow some basic principles you will have a much better chance of having your paper accepted.

Among other things this workshop focuses primarily on the practical uses of abstract writing, how to write an effective abstract and what the effective writing will allow you to accomplish with your professional and academic pursuits.

The EGSC hopes that everyone interested in attending graduate school either at Chico or beyond will take this workshop, but understands how busy everyone's life is during school. With that in mind this page is dedicated to serving as your online resource for the materials and outlines we will cover in the workshop.

Writing a Scholarly Abstract: Prepared by our Faculty Advisor, Rob Davidson, Ph.D.

Online Resources

There are a number of on-line resources for abstract writing and a standard Google search will offer you plenty of suggestions. Here are two resources that the EGSC believes are worthwhile to read and observe. Click on the links below to go directly to these sites.

Writing an Abstract: Links and Tips: Prepared by the UC Berkeley Research

This information includes the following information

  • A general overview of the purposes of abstract writing
  • Links to some online abstract writing sites
  • A breakdown and description of the basic components of an effective abstract
  • Sample abstracts for multiple disciplines. 

Writing Tips: How to Write an Abstract: Prepared by the Writing Center at UNLV

This site offers:

  • A detailed description of an abstract vs. a proposal (prospectus).
  • A general breakdown of what an abstract should do.
  • Some useful tips to consider while writing.