Literature GRE Workshop

The GRE workshop is often offered in the fall semester. The goal of this event is to help students prepare for the exam through a community of discourse. The EGSC cannot promise that this workshop will raise your GRE score, but rather aims to alleviate the anxiety of taking this exam.

Among other things, this workshop covers the different types of test questions the student might find and strategies for approaching those questions, some suggested study tips, and provide overviews of literary genres and forms as well as theoretical camps and movements.

The EGSC hopes that everyone interested in taking the GRE can attend the event, but understands how busy everyone's life is during school. With that in mind this page is dedicated to serving as your online resource for the materials and outlines we will cover in the workshop.

Online Study Guides

A number of online resources have prepared study guides for the GRE Subject Test in Literature. Here are some links to these sites, many include periodical breakdowns, glossaries of theoretical terms and sample quizzes.

GRE Details for Test Takers of the Subject Exam in Literature: Prepared by the ETS organization

This information is provided by the organization who runs the test, offers:

The English Literature GRE Study Guide from Reed College: Prepared by Laura Arnold Leibman

This study guide offers:

  • breakdowns by genre
  • literary movements
  • links to online glossaries
  • sample quizzes

HAPAX LEGOMENA: GRE Literature Test Preparation: Prepared by UCLA Graduate Student

This site offers:

  • Suggested materials to purchase or view online (links provided)
  • A journal concerning the steps this student took to prepare
  • A breakdown of what can be expected on the test
  • Printable flashcards to study with