Margret A. Dufon

Emeritus, Linguistics, ESL

Margaret DuFon Margaret A. DuFon began her career as a speech and language pathologist after receiving her BS in speech and hearing therapy from Purdue University (1972) and her MS in communicative disorders from the University of Wisconsin (1973). She worked with handicapped infants, toddlers, and pre-school children for eight years and with elementary and junior high school students for 3½ years in the public schools.

After earning a minor and becoming fluent in Spanish in 1985, she went to Uruguay, where she worked as an ESL consultant at the binational center in Montevideo. During this experience, she became fascinated with the joys and problems of learning a second language. Upon completion of her work in Uruguay, she traveled the continent of South America for ten months, and then in 1988, she went to the University of Hawaii, where she earned a BA in English as a second language (1991) and a PhD in second language acquisition (1999). While in Hawaii, she studied Indonesian language (both in Hawaii and abroad in Malang, East Java) and eventually became an instructor of Indonesian language.

She has studied abroad in Spain and Indonesia, and has worked abroad in Uruguay and Japan. In 2000, she joined the English Department faculty at CSU, Chico. Her research interests include interlanguage pragmatics, language socialization, and language acquisition in study abroad contexts. She has published a book (co-edited with Eton Churchill), Language Learners in Study Abroad Contexts (Multilingual Matters, 2006), language learning videos and accompanying text,Mari Belajar Sopan Santun Bahasa Indonesia, as well as a number of book chapters and journal articles.

In her very limited free time, she works as a volunteer for Enloe Cancer Center and Enloe Hospice. She enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, traveling, reading, painting, and agility training with her dog, Fanny.

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