The Phonology Laboratory

(Also called by students The Phonology Closet)

Director: Ela Thurgood

The Phonology Laboratory started operating in August 2001. Read more about the history and past research in the Lab.

Using the lab

The purpose of the lab is to supplement the research and teaching needs of the linguistics component of the Department of English. It is designed to support experimental research on phonology, whether it be in laboratory phonology, phonology of first and second language acquisition, phonology of American English dialects, or research on other languages. Thus, members of the faculty can arrange to use the lab and are encouraged to do so; please check with Ela Thurgood. Note that while the lab itself is a modest size, it does have up to four workstations.

Responsibilities of the director

The director is responsible for scheduling and overseeing the use of the lab and the equipment in the lab. Those wishing to use the lab should contact Ela Thurgood.