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Forms and Policies


Graduate Education Policies in the University Catalog

The Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Program Information


Advancement to Classified/Candidate Status (PDF)

Application to Add or Change an Academic Program (PDF)

Enroll in Excess Units Request (PDF)

Final Progress Sheet Request (PDF)

Graduate Credit for Excess Units Completed as an Undergraduate (PDF)

Late Registration Petition for Adjunct Enrollment (PDF)

Leave of Absence Request (PDF)

Letter of Recommendation Access Waiver Form (PDF)

Master’s Degree Program Plan (PDF)

Instructions for Completing the Master's Degree Program Plan (PDF)

Changes to the Master’s Program Plan (PDF)

Postbaccalaureate Petition to Repeat with Forgiveness (PDF)

Record Update for Degree Clearance (PDF)

Replacement of a Master’s Diploma Request (PDF)

Information Instructions and Checklists

Check List for the Interdisciplinary Studies Master's Degree Program (PDF)

Checklist of Degree Requirements for Graduation Clearance (PDF)

Extension of the Five-Year Time Limit for Completion of a Master’s Degree Program (PDF)

Extension of the Seven-Year Time Limit for Completion of a Master’s Degree Program (PDF)

Requirements for Degree Certification Letter for H1-B Visa Applicants (PDF) for International Students

Steps Toward Earning the Master’s Degree (PDF)


Example of a CD Label for the PDF of a Thesis or Project (PDF)

Instructions for Final Submission of a Master’s Thesis or Project (PDF)

List of Master’s Thesis or Project Formatters (PDF)

Thesis/Project: Chair’s Verification Sheet (PDF)