Information Security Awareness Training

In collaboration with all CSU campuses, the Chancellor’s Office has delivered a web-based information security awareness training course designed to provide staff and faculty the information they need to secure information resources entrusted to the University. This course will help California State University Chico employees safeguard personal information as well as information stored under the aegis of the University.

The awareness training course covers the following topics, and has been reviewed by the CFA and CSUEU.

  • Protecting yourself against malware and other threats
  • Keeping your email and mobile devices secure
  • Coming up with a strong password you won't forget
  • The care and management of confidential information
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of social engineering
  • Guidelines for surfing the web safely

All CSU Chico employees have been enrolled in the information security awareness training. The CSU Information Security Policy, Section 8035 as well as other laws and regulations require that “All employees with access to protected data and information assets must participate in appropriate information security awareness training.”  The course is managed by Human Resources and is delivered by Skill port.  Instructions on how to take the training will come in an email from To access training through CSU, Chico Learner Hall, click here.

Additional Information

  • CSU, Chico Data Classification and Protection Standards – this document describes the three levels of data classification that the University has adopted to identify and protect information assets.
  • Information Security Basics; Protecting Yourself and Others - the Security 7 - Whether you're staff, faculty, or a student, by familiarizing yourself with the information on this page, you'll go a long way towards ensuring you don't become a victim of identity theft or suffer a catastrophic loss of data during your time at CSU, Chico.

If you have additional questions about the training, please contact the campus Information Security Officer at