Faculty & Staff

Official E-Mail Communication

Use of campus e-mail is governed by Executive Memorandum 07-01

Microsoft Exchange/Outlook

Microsoft Exchange e-mail is the primary e-mail account for faculty and staff that integrates electronic mail and scheduling. E-mail accounts have the ending of '@csuchico.edu'.

You can access your Exchange e-mail account online through Outlook Web App.

If you need more information, view the e-mail tutorials.


The new WildcatMail Powered by Google service is primarily used by students, but is also available to faculty and staff. Wildcat e-mail addresses end with '@mail.csuchico.edu'.

Wildcat e-mail has been powered by Google since Jan. 20, 2009. Please visit our information and FAQ pages for more details.

You can access your Wildcat e-mail account online.

E-Mail Attachments: Blocked File Types

Many worms and viruses spread as attachments to e-mail. As a result, standard practice is to block many of the file types most commonly used by viruses that are not commonly attached to legitimate e-mail. View more information on blocked file types.

E-Mail Tutorials

We have how-to documentation for configuring your e-mail client, setting up spam filters and more. View the e-mail tutorials for more information.

ISP Mail Servers

If you connect to the Internet through an off-campus Internet service provider (SBC DSL, Comcast, etc.) and want to user your Chico State e-mail account, you will need to set up your e-mail client to use your ISP's outgoing mail server. For more information, view instructions and a list of known ISP mail servers.