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California State University, Chico considers e-mail to be the essential method for communicating official university business with students. To provide the University with a simple contact point with which to communicate official university business, each student is provided with a campus WildcatMail account.

Checking WildcatMail and Forwarding to a Personal E-mail Account

Students are responsible for checking their WildcatMail regularly and ensuring that they are able to receive communications sent to their WildcatMail account. Students can check their WildcatMail by logging in via the web. Alternatively, students have the option of setting their WildcatMail account to forward to an existing personal e-mail account. When a student sets up forwarding, a copy of the message will be saved in the student's WildcatMail inbox, as well as sent on to the personal email account of the student's choosing.

WildcatMail Features

Other Ways To Check WildcatMail

Users who would like to use mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird to access their WildcatMail can use the e-mail client setup guides to set up their client to access WildcatMail.