Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Software Agreement Programs

—Effective January 1, 2006

There are four different Microsoft Agreements in place to provide no-cost or reduced cost software options for faculty, staff, and students. Click the links for further information.

Microsoft Campus Agreement: The Microsoft Campus Agreement provides faculty and staff with the use of the following Microsoft desktop products on campus owned computers. Grant-funded, Foundation, and auxiliary computers are included in the Campus Agreement.

Microsoft software licensed for use under the Campus Agreement:

  • FrontPage
  • Office Professional
  • Publisher (included in Office Professional)
  • Visual Studio.NET Professional
  • Windows Upgrades

Microsoft Select Agreement: Provides grant-funded, auxiliary, foundation, and state funded departments the ability to procure additional licensing and media from ASAP for numerous Microsoft products at volume discounts.

Microsoft Work-At-Home (WAH): Provides employed faculty and staff the ability to procure media and licensing from A.S. ComputerWorks for a limited suite of Microsoft products for use on personally owned machines for work related purposes. Grant-funded, foundation, and auxiliary staff are included in the Campus WAH Agreement

Microsoft Student Select Agreement: Students may purchase at a reduced cost Office XP Professional and Windows XP Upgrade media and licensing from A.S. ComputerWorks

For general information about the Microsoft Campus and Student Select Agreement, visit the Chancellor Office Microsoft Licensing website.

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Microsoft Campus Agreement

(Campus-owned computers)

This agreement provides grant-funded, foundation, and auxiliary computers (state and foundation decaled) with free licensing for the CSU, including current and future versions of Microsoft Office (PC-Professional; Mac-2001 and Office X), Windows Professional Upgrade, Visual Studio. NET, Publisher, and FrontPage.

IT Support Services owns media and will provide installation for the above software, but does not necessarily support all products in full.
Some installation labor charges may apply for non-supported software.

View more information on Campus Supported Software.

Please note the following terms of the Microsoft contract:

  • The terms of the CSU Microsoft contract stipulate that the software be installed on a state-owned computer for use by state-funded, grant-funded, foundation, AS, auxiliary, or associate staff of the State University system, and that this software is not to be loaned or given to others.
  • IT Support Services can only disseminate installation keys to technical support staff.
  • Technical support staff should purchase media though ASAP Software. Media can only be duplicated provided it has the correct labeling and trade marking. It must be kept in the possession of the state employee, and should only be used by technical staff for non-IT Support Services standard installation purposes.
  • This software is not to be used on personally owned machines. You can acquire copies of Microsoft software for use on your personal machine through the AS Computerworks and in accordance with the CSU WAH contract with Microsoft.

The recipient of the software is strongly encouraged to have a complete backup of all their hard drive files and software before any attempt is made by technical staff to add, install, or upgrade any software provided under the CSU Microsoft License.

Submit a Service Request for IT Support Services to have the software installed on a campus owned machine. Software upgrades are considered a lower priority request unless you cannot perform your work.

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Microsoft Select Agreement

(Campus-owned computers)

Purchase of media and licensing for products other than those listed above can be procured through ASAP Software. Further information.

IT Support Services charges will apply for any support or assistance with unsupported software.

Microsoft Work At Home Agreement (WAH)

The CSU has entered into an agreement with Microsoft allowing for the purchase and installation of selected Microsoft products on state, grant-funded, foundation, and auxiliary staff home machines—for Work At Home, or "WAH".

Important notes about the WAH agreement:

  • The software may only be installed and used for work related purposes
  • The software may only be installed on a machine in which the faculty or staff is the primary user
  • Media for home use must be procured through the A.S. ComputerWorks for a small fee
  • License Keys and Media used for the Campus agreement state and auxiliary computer installations cannot be used for home installation
  • Grant-funded, Auxiliary, and Foundation employees are included in this program.

To install any of these products on your personal computer, individuals can purchase WAH media from the A.S. ComputerWorks. For more information contact the A.S. ComputerWorks at 898-4447

Note : IT Support Services will not provide support for any personal machines or installations.

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Student Select Agreement

Students are covered by their own agreement, as administered by the A.S. ComputerWorks. Visit their Student Select page for more information on how students can procure Office Professional and Windows upgrades at reduced rates.

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