Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee

Executive Memorandum 87-009

September 8, 1987

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee

Upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate, the attached document is approved for implementation. This establishes an Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee and administrative policies associated with its activities.


This document establishes an Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee and sets forth administrative policies associated with instructionally related activities.

The Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Advisory Committee is hereby created in accordance with EP&R (Educational Programs and Resources) 83-58 (Executive Order #429) and pursuant to action of the Board of Trustees in RFIN 1-78-1, part of which is codified in Title 5, California Administrative Code Section 41800.2.

Committee Membership

  • Four student members appointed by the President of the Associated Students, who will designate one of these members as committee chair.
  • Four faculty members appointed by the University President, following consultation with the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. Appointment will be for staggered two-year terms.

Staff support to the committee

  • One individual from the University Budget Office;
  • One individual from the Student Affairs Office;
  • One individual from the Office of the Provost.
  • Staff are not formal committee members and are non-voting.

Committee Charge

The IRA Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the President on:

  • The level of IRA fees
  • The allocation of IRA fees

Administrative policies for instructionally related activities are as follows:

Each college will manage funds generated by the IRA program(s) of that college, subject to budget approval by the Provost.

The Provost will determine charges for communal services based upon recommendation from the appropriate program administrator.

The Provost will be responsible for scheduling facilities used jointly by IRA, University Public Events, and other such programs. Instructionally related activities usually will have precedence.

Those applying for IRA status for their programs will obtain recommendations through the appropriate process of their college. The Provost, in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs, will review the recommendations and forward those approved for appropriate IRA Advisory committee action. The Provost will notify the Faculty Senate Educational Policies Committee of all program approvals.