Executive Memoranda 1987

EM #DateTitle
87-001March 19, 1987Selection and Review of the Director of the Institute for Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies; Supercedes 81-007 and EM 81-010; Superceded by EM 92-019
87-002March 19, 1987Selection and Review of the Director of the Center for International Studies; Superceded by EM 92-019
87-003April 29, 1987University Goals Statement; Supercedes EM 79-006; Replaced by EM 90-084
87-004August 7, 1987Revisions to Academic Program and Budget Committee; Supercedes EM 83-005; Superceded by EM 95-004
87-005August 7, 1987Faculty Ombudsman
87-006August 7, 1987Revisions to Policy on Naming University Properties and Programs and Memorial Construction; Supercedes EM 84-014; Revised by EM 95-007
87-007August 7, 1987University Lottery Committee; Replaced by EM 89-016
87-008September 3, 1987Procedure for Accelerated Merit Salary Adjustments
87-009September 8, 1987Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee; Rescinded by EM 16-002
87-010November 20, 1987Formation of the Department of Computer Engineering