Executive Memoranda 1991

EM #DateTitle
91-001March 25, 1991Sexual Assault Policy; Replaces EM 86-007
91-002March 01, 19911991-92 and 1992-93 Academic Calendars; Revision to EM 90-016
91-003March 15, 19911991-1993 Writing Proficiency Courses
91-004March 14, 1991Approval for Bachelor of Science with a Major in Computer Information Systems
91-005April 04, 1991General Education Program; Supersedes EM 86-004/Superceded by EM 92-018
91-006Not Issued
91-007May 15, 1991Approval of Revisions to Option in Marketing
91-008May 21, 1991Revisions to Repeat Policy; Supersedes EM 85-001/Superceded by EM 92-014
91-009May 21, 1991Revisions to Grading Policy; Supersedes EM 85-005/Superseded by EM 92-013
91-010May 22, 1991Department of Geography and Planning
91-011June 03, 1991Deletion of Minor in Dance and Dance Option in Theatre Arts BA
91-012July 02,1991Policy on Sexual Harassment; Supersedes EM 89-035/Superseded by EM 92-012
91-013August 21, 1991Employee Safety and Health
91-014August 29, 1991Racial Harassment Policy; Replaces EM 90-020
91-015October 15, 1991Interim Animal Welfare Policy; Replaced by EM 93-001