Executive Memoranda 1995

EM #DateTitle
95-001January 25, 1995Policy on Photocopying Charges
95-002March 08, 1995University Policy on Unknown Chemicals
95-003March 08, 1995University Policy on Health and Safety Training Sessions
95-004April 05, 1995Revisions to EM 87-004, Policy Creating a University Budget Committee; Superceded by EM 05-017
95-005April 10, 1995Approval for Name Change from BA with a Major in Information and Communication Studies to BA with a Major in Communication Design
95-006April 12, 1995Revisions to Policy on Faculty Recognition and Support Committee; Superceded by EM 99-013
95-007May 24, 1995Revisions to EM 87-006, Policy and Procedure to Establish Honorary Names to Properties, Programs and Facilities; Superceded by EM 08-026
95-008June 02, 1995Literacy and Learning Program
95-009 June 02, 1995Revision to the MS in Nutritional Sciences
95-010July 10, 1995Administrative Personnel Policies and Procedures; Superseded by EM 03-010
95-010 RevisedSeptember 15, 1995Administrative Personnel Policies and Procedures; Superceded by EM 03-010
95-011June 19, 1995Revisions to Certificate Programs; Supercedes EM 78-011; Superceded by 02-010
95-012August 04, 1995Option in Curriculum and Instruction
95-013August 04, 1995Option in Teacher Education in the BA in Physical Education
95-014August 04, 1995Option in Reading/Language Arts
95-015August 04, 1995Campus Card Project
95-016August 16, 1995Approval for Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Communication Studies
95-017August 17, 1995Approval for Option in Interior Design in the BA in Art
95-018September 15, 1995Vision Statement
95-019September 28, 1995Revision to EM 94-003, Academic Calendars for 1995-96 and 1996-97
95-020October 09, 1995Interim Policy on Conflict of Interest in Grants and Contracts
95-021October 09, 1995University Foundation Short-Term Loan Program; Revised June 18, 2009
95-022October 27, 1995Nondiscrimination Policy and Procedures; Superceded by EM 12-043
95-023 (Rescinded)December 14, 1995; Rescinded January 6, 2012Policy on Performance Salary Step Increases
95-024December 18, 1995Policy on Appointment to an Endowed Chair
95-025December 19, 1995Structure of the University Advisory Board; Superceded by EM 03-001
95-026December 19, 1995Policy on Auxiliary Formation and Management
95-027December 19, 1995Revisions to Repeat Policy; Supercedes EM 92-014; Superceded by EM 05-004