Checkout Equipment

Faculty can borrow:

  • Projectors and presentation screens
  • Video cameras and tripods
  • Audio equipment like headsets and recorders
  • Computer accessories like DVD burners and speakers
  • And more!

All Equipment Reservations require a minimum of one full business day to process.  Reservations cannot be honored in a shorter time frame.

Reserve Equipment

Note: The Equipment Reservation will require your login with your campus credentials.

General Policies:

  • Equipment is available for academic purposes to Faculty and Staff only.  Students may not check out equipment.
  • The person who reserves the equipment is responsible for the safe and timely return of all equipment in working order including all accessories.
  • Equipment may be checked out for one week at a time. Extensions must be authorized by TLP.

Picking Up Equipment

  • All equipment, except for gear noted as "delivery only," can be retrieved from TLP in Meriam Library Room 459 during our business hours (see the footer at the bottom of this page for current hours).
  • No same-day checkouts are possible and none will be honored.
  • Items marked "delivery only" - please see "Deliverable Items" below.
  • Please bring your Wildcat Faculty or Staff ID card.
  • Check the case to ensure that all cables, lens caps, batteries, and accessories listed on the tag are included.
  • If you are sending someone to pick up equipment, you must do two things:
    • Name the person in the "comments" on the reservation form.
    • Send an email to authorizing this person specifically by name to pick up the equipment.

If we do not have an email from the faculty or staff requestor authorizing the pickup, we will not release the equipment. Please help us avoid difficult situations by sending us an email ahead of time, because a phone verification will not be accepted as substitute verification.

Returning Equipment

  • Please check that all cables, lens caps, batteries, and accessories listed on the tag are in the case before you return the equipment to TLP.
  • Return equipment promptly. If you are late returning an item, it won't be available for someone else's reservation.
  • If you are unable to return equipment on time, please contact TLP as soon as possible at 898-6167 so we can make arrangements to minimize the impact on other reservations.
  • If anything did not function as expected, or something has broken or an accessory is missing, please inform the TLP staff.
  • If the equipment is missing, lost or stolen, call TLP Manager Laura Sederberg at 898-4326.
  • Important: you must remove all sensitive data from laptops, cameras and storage devices. This includes student contact information or grade data!

Getting Help with Equipment

During normal business hours, you can call TLP at 898-6167 for technical support with all checkout equipment. If you are having problems connecting to a network with a laptop, we can only help you troubleshoot the laptop functions; you may need to contact User Services at 898-6000 for help with advanced networking issues.

Deliverable Equipment

Several of our checkout items must be delivered, such as our two largest projection screens.We have several delivery policies.

  • Deliverable items must be reserved at least two days in advance so that we can schedule the delivery and pickup.
  • When you make the reservation, use the "comments" area on the reservation form to tell us where to deliver this equipment. Without this, we cannot deliver.
  • Deliveries and pickups are only possible during normal business hours.

Faculty Support

Phone: (530) 898-6167
Hours: Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Walk-in Lab:
Miriam Library 459